With the expectation of more than 1,500 attendees, the sponsoring companies of the Global Summit Telemedicine and Digital Health can gain visibility in a growing market in Brazil.

By sponsoring the event your brand will be accessible to opinion leaders, business executives, buyers, doctors, health and IT professionals that will connect innovation and the development of Telemedicine and Digital Health to your company.

Public and private hospitals, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical, equipment and devices industry and information technology brands who want to modernize their image and find investments will find that the Global Summit presents an excellent opportunity.




Space dedicated to the presentation of entrepreneurial companies, which are connected to new market trends and can add value to the industry of Telemedicine and Digital Health.

Innovation Challenge

Show your innovative ideas and solutions in the Hackathon.
Competition for the healthcare market showing current trends promoting investor connection to enable the projects to be implemented, directed towards: startups, entrepreneurs and students.

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