21 July, 2021

APM believes that Telemedicine is a reality that is here to stay

Experience, day after day

The pandemic that has been affecting us for more than a year brought with it new and important experiences with Telemedicine. Al of a sudden, we were forced to stay at home and do everything online, including medical care.

Three regulations (CFM Official Letter 1.756, Ordinance 467 and Law 13.989) were issued on an emergency basis in 2020. Although we need a little more debate until the final legislation on Telemedicine is enacted to guarantee the quality of care and the safety of doctors and patients, this has been a moment learning.

The 2nd edition of our Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health also had its format changed and delivered other valuable experiences. We can indeed foster a rich and in-depth debate online. And we will do it again in 2021, Associação Paulista de Medicina and Transamerica Expo Center, so we can keep moving forward.


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