Lectures and Panels


The Future of Health & Medicine:  Where Can Technology Take Us?

Daniel Kraft – Singularity University (USA)

Leveraging Patients Data – a new era in health organizations

Pini Ben-Elazar – Mor Research Applications (IL)

Digital Transformation of Healthcare - Leading Innovation Through People

Luis Lapão – Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PT)

From To Digital Health: How Far Do We Come From? How Far Shall We Let It Go?

Frank Lievens – International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (BE)

E-Health Laws - Catching Up with Technology

Tobias Zobel – Erlanger University (DE)


Telepsychology: New Perspectives in Mental Health

Telepsychology Practice: how a virtual office works

Milene Rosenthal

Panorama on Telepsychology in the world and the current scenario in Brazil

Prof. Dr. Cláudia Catão

Randomized clinical study: the efficacy of distance therapy in telepsychiatry

Dr. Ines Hungerbühler

The economics of longevity: The rise of telecare in the well-being of the elderly population

Populational aging and the development of a health care industrial complex in Brazil

Jorge Félix (USP)

Telecare as a tool for reduction of costs in SUS: Cases of Brazilian municipalities

José Vasconcelos (Telehelp)

The construction of Gerontechnology and its possibilities for supporting elderly people

Carla Santana (USP/RP)

Legislation and Rules in Telemedicine

Universalization of Health through telemedicine: a legal Brazilian panorama and telemedicine around the world

Renata Fialho de Oliveira

The data protection law and how it reflects on health care

Rogéria Leoni Cruz (HIAE)

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