Lectures and Panels

International Conferences

The Future of Health & Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us?

Daniel Kraft – Singularity University (USA)

The Future of Augmented Virtual and Extended Care

Daniel Kraft – Singularity University (USA)

Leveraging Patients Data – A new era in health organizations

Pini Ben-Elazar – Mor Research Applications (IL)

Digital Transformation of Healthcare – Leading Innovation Through People

Luis Lapão – Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PT)

From Telemedicine To Digital Health: How Far Do We Come From? How Far Shall We Let It Go?

Frank Lievens – International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (BE)

The Concept and Terminology Evolution: from Telemedicine to Digital Health

Frank Lievens – International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (BE)

E-Health Laws – Catching Up with Technology

Tobias Zobel – Erlanger University (DE)

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Promise and Pitfalls

Robert Wah (USA)

Established paths to reimbursement in Digital Health: The European perspective

Andreas Keck (DE)

International Panel

To leverage the data & the infrastructure – an HMO advantage

Pini Ben-Elazar – Mor Research Applications (IL)

The Digital Patient

Tobias Zobel – Erlanger University (DE)

Seriously Implementing eHealth/Telemedicine Services: Considering Management, Health professionals and patients roles

Luiz Lapão – Nova de Lisboa University (PT)

Digital Transformation around the world

Robert Wah (USA)

Prediction of business opportunities in Digital Health through meta-analysis of research

Andreas Keck (DE)

National Panel

Telepsychology: New Perspectives in Mental Health

Telepsychology Practice: how a virtual office works

Prof. Milene Rosenthal

Panorama on Telepsychology in the world and the current scenario in Brazil

Prof. Dr. Cláudia Catão

The Psychology and the new challenge facing Technology: Technological Dependencies

Dr. Cristiano N. de Abreu

Randomized clinical study: the efficacy of distance therapy in telepsychiatry

Dr. Ines Hungerbühler

Therapy online: a worldwilde vision

Dr. Lawrence Murphy* – Toronto University
* videomessage

The economics of longevity: The rise of telecare in the well-being of the elderly population

Populational aging and the development of a health care industrial complex in Brazil

Jorge Félix (USP)

Telecare as a tool for reduction of costs in SUS: Cases of Brazilian municipalities

José Vasconcelos (Telehelp)

The construction of Gerontechnology and its possibilities for supporting elderly people

Carla Santana (USP/RP)

Successful Experiences in Telemedicine and Digital Health in Brazil

Pediatric tele-assessment  in a health care provider – the new perspective for health services chain management and logistics

Dr. Marcos Roberto Loreto – Omint

The experience of Americas hospitals in CVA medical attention

Dr. Laís Perazo – UHG Brasil

Telemedicine: opportunities for use in coordinated health care

Dr. Erika Fuga – Sulamerica

Telemedicine in the family: applications and successful stories

Dr. Caio Soares – TELADOC

Legislation and Rules in Telemedicine

Universalization of Health through telemedicine: a legal Brazilian panorama and telemedicine around the world

Renata Fialho de Oliveira

The data protection law and how it reflects on health care

Rogéria Leoni Cruz (HIAE)

New Resolution on Online Psychological Care

Rosane Lorena Granzotto - Conselho Federal de Psicologia

ABIMED - Industry 4.0 in Healthcare: The Future Medicine

Perspectives for the Next Decade

Fabricio Campolina

Application of AI in Healthcare

Guilherme Salgado (Kunumi)

Telemedicine Transforming Healthcare

Roberto Botelho (ITMS)

Technological Disruption in Healthcare

Francisco Sapori (Microsoft)

ABIMED - Productivity gains through Technology: Future Healthcare Management

Public Provider Vision: Future Healthcare Management

Antonio José Rodrigues Pereira (HC)

Healthcare Insurer Vision: Future Healthcare Management

Patrícia Ellen (Optum)

Private Provider Vision: Future Healthcare Management

Sidney Klajner (HIAE)

Industry Vision: Future Healthcare Management

Renato Garcia Carvalho

DataOpera: An Interoperability Project for Telemedicine<

The DataOpera Platform

Paulo Salomão (DTO)


Vinicius Souza (Soluti)

Interoperability Bus

Omar Rodrigues (DXC)

Impact of new technologies on health prevention and promotion strategy
Mediator: Mr. Sérgio Rocha – CEO of ABRAIDI

Case: Use of technology in chronic disease care and management

Dr. Paulo Hungaro – VP at Unimed Sorocaba

Telemedicine in the view of the doctor and patient

Dr. Márcio Krakaeur – Endocrinologist

eHealth: Turning Data into Care

Mr. Daniel Dipp – Telemedicine & eHealth at BR HomMed Director

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