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Dr. Mário Villas Boas Rodrigues, 387
Santo Amaro – Sao Paulo – ZIP 04757020

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(11) 5643-3028 / 9.9336-2555

Transamerica Expo Center

How to get to the event

Transamerica Expo Center is a prime location in Sao Paulo South Zone. Near Congonhas Airport, Marginal Pinheiros, 23 de Maio Avenue and Interlagos Racing Circuit, it is easily accessible to bus, subway and train lines.

See how to get there

TIP: To make your exit easier, prepay your parking payment

If you come by car

R$ 54,00 (Valor único)

  • To get to the location, type “Transamerica Expo Center” in your preferred app:  Waze GoogleMaps
  • Easy access: Marginal Pinheiros, Joao Dias Avenue, Santo Amaro Avenue, Adolfo Pinheiro Avenue, Roberto Marinho Avenue, Luis Carlos Berrini Avenue.
  • Parking entrance through the main gate.

TIP: To make your exit easier, there are taxi ranks within the exhibtion center.

If you come by taxi

  • Access to parking through the main gate located at Dr Mario Villas Boas Rodrigues Avenue 387.
  • Properly marked taxi ranks (official rank and taxi stands via app/voucher).

TIP: Simplified map for subway network. To get the complete map, click here.

If you come by subway/train

  • Disembark at Santo Amaro Station, located approximately 600 metres from the event;
  • Sao Paulo Subway Line 5 (Lilac);
  • Sao Paulo Line 9 (Emerald).

Acesso Metrô ou Trem

TIP: Plan your route using the GoogleMaps.

If you come by bus


BR$ 110.00 (single value) - parking for buses.


When disembarking at Santo Amaro Bus Terminal, follow the route below: Acesso via Ônibus IMPORTANT: There are some bus connections that stop in front of the Transamerica Expo Center, such as:

  • 6042-10 – Santo Amaro | Jardim Tres Estrelas;
  • 746R-10 – Santo Amaro | Real Parque.

See more bus options on the SPTRANS website.

TIP: To make your exit easier, prepay your parking payment.

If you come by motorcycle

BR$ 35.00 (one-time fee)

  • Access through the main gate;
  • Exclusive area for parking.

TIP: Take your own lock.

If you come by bicycle

  • Access by pedestrian gate or main gate;
  • Exclusive parking area – Bicycle Rack.


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